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What’s up guys? As you all know, we’re currently taking the NBA DraftKings world by storm. ???????? — ?DFS Juiced? (@TheoryNBA) May 8, 2017 #Final $16 entry we ? — ?DFS Juiced? (@TheoryNBA) April 16, 2017 First off, I don’t know why my phone is always dead… but more importantly, I am going to ride this out as long as the NBA season goes on. But, we must look to the future. Here is a rough timeline of events for my upcoming baseball DFS season: May...Continue reading » Start Fast & Do Your Job Well Stop The Run Go After #2 -> Attack The Spot Eliminate #11 & No Big Plays Win Turnover Battle = Win Game Tackling Is The Game Situational Football Play Smart & Aware Most Physical Team! “It’s All About Us!!!” Apparently the Patriots forgot to clean their locker room white boards after the Super Bowl. Seems like the least Patriot thing to do. You’ve gotta clean up after yourself; can’t go leaving the full defensive game plan up for anyone to go see it. Yeah, they just won the Super Bowl, but...Continue reading »

Is anyone really impressed with this game? Sure, 92 points is a lot but just look at how he gets there. For the majority of his points LaMelo didn’t even get back across half court to play any defense. Chino Hills was clearly the better team and were able to play most of the game 4 v. 5 on the defensive end while Ball was cherry picking waiting for a layup. The kid is obviously talented, but that wasn’t good basketball we just witnessed (or anything close to it).   LaMelo Ball with the all time cherry picking performance last night. What a circus that...Continue reading »

Holy Shit! I can’t believe that game. What an unbelievable comeback. Probably the craziest game of all time. It’s easily the greatest game in Patriots history. SB51 comeback >>>>> 24 point comeback against Denver. Holy Shit!!! As terrible as the Patriots looked in the first half, there was never a doubt in my mind that a comeback was possible. You just can’t count out Brady and the Pats. Even down 28-3 in the 3rd quarter; they just needed a score and some momentum. I predicted 34-21, so I was just a little off, never in doubt. I actually...Continue reading »

Everyone seems to be talking about how the Falcons offense is so high powered and can’t be stopped. Don’t forget the Patriots had the #1 defense in the NFL this year. Critics are often quick to dismiss the Patriots defense because of the quality, or lack thereof, of quarterbacks and offenses they have faced. Can the same not be said for the Falcons offense facing some of the worst defenses in the league? Everyone is rooting against the Pats. You think they would be huge underdogs instead of 3 point favorites the way everyone is discussing this game. The top...Continue reading »

PTI hatin’ on Pat McAfee and @barstoolsports #BarstoolRundown #HollaIfYaHydrate — Heavens! (@HeavensHawkeye) February 2, 2017 First things first. It’s crazy that people still don’t know what Barstool is right? They have been big for a while, but have really exploded as of late (especially this past week). Is it an inside joke in the NFL and mainstream media to pretend these guys don’t exist? Banaland (shoutout to El Pres). PTI’s discussion about McAfee though, completely agree. Personally, I’d love to...Continue reading » – Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, on the mend after back surgery, held a meeting at his house Tuesday night in which he informed players that they were temporarily kicked out of the locker room and also forbidden from wearing Blue Devils apparel, sources told ESPN. What happens when you lose 3 of the last 4 if you play for Duke? Coach K goes full Coach Carter and takes away your locker room and Duke apparel. Seems to be a weird penalty to impose on the team, but if it works (apparently he has done this before) you can’t really argue with results. Coach...Continue reading »

Both these offenses put up monster numbers on their way to blowout victories. However, both defenses also effectively shut down 2 of the top offensive units in the NFL. Should be an exciting Super Bowl. Two high powered offenses, with sneaky good defenses. Brady vs. Matty Ice. Can’t wait for Houston. Falcons 44 – Packers 21 This is a game Aaron Rodgers would like to forget, as he and the Packers had one of their worst first halves in recent memory. Rodgers ended up throwing for 3 TDs in the second half, but it was far too little, too late. This one was all...Continue reading »

( Massachusetts state police arrested a Boston man early Sunday morning after he improperly activated the fire alarm at the Steelers’ team hotel. Dennis Harrison, 25, of East Boston was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and setting off a false fire alarm after pulling the alarm at the Logan Airport Hilton at 3:40 a.m. Some free legal advice to anyone reading this. If you feel the need to do something illegal, don’t post it (or let your friends post it) on social media or anywhere on the internet. It will come back to haunt you. Obviously,...Continue reading »

Is it really a comeback when you weren’t really there in the first place? One thing is for sure, he was a special player at Texas A&M. Johnny was in the league for the lesser part of 2 years before off the field issues were too much to even keep him in Cleveland. Can you blame the guy though? Think about it. Johnny Football was already a household name and was more famous than most of us could ever dream of being; that was when he was playing college football, making no money being heavily paid under the table. Plus his dad has big oil money so it’s not...Continue reading »