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Chicago Bears 22 – New England Patriots 23 The key to this game was Garopollo is starting to look much more comfortable. He started slow again,...Continue reading »

(Source)  New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski pulled up with a possible injury while running a route during Monday’s joint practice...Continue reading »

Patriots 34 – Saints 22 The first preseason game is in the books for the Pats and it was a good one to watch, as far as preseason games go. The Saints starters were only in for the first drive on offense, but the Pats kept most of their starters (those who aren’t injured) for the first half. Overall a terrific game by the defense, and a solid game on offense....Continue reading »

Wide receiver depth: Every thing I hear is about how many wide outs the Pats have and how they will have some solid depth this year as opposed to a very depleted receiving corp when it comes time for the playoffs every year. Belichick has even raved about the talent pool they have at wide out. There are no stud receivers on this team, but outside of Moss there never has...Continue reading »

Not really a good look here for Martellus. Not a fan of Michael Bennett and feel he isn’t widely liked in the league, but no one seems to hate him anymore. It’s like hating the Seahawks and their players was just a quick faze. They are just a solid team, the only players who get hate are Sherman and sometimes Wilson for being in the media so often. Can’t...Continue reading »

So many different options are out there for fantasy football draft strategies. Each year there is a different “must follow” option. This year seems to be the zero running back strategy- makes sense given how many top rbs burned fantasy owners last year. Here’s a helpful guide to drafting if you are new to fantasy football; if you’re an experienced...Continue reading »