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Posted on May 9 2017 - 12:23am by TheoryNBA

What’s up guys? As you all know, we’re currently taking the NBA DraftKings world by storm.

First off, I don’t know why my phone is always dead… but more importantly, I am going to ride this out as long as the NBA season goes on. But, we must look to the future. Here is a rough timeline of events for my upcoming baseball DFS season:

May 13th- I graduate college.

May 14th- We grind NBA even harder.

June 1st- NBA Finals starts, NBA DFS season will have officially closed.

Last day of conference finals to June 6th- Strategy development for the MLB season. This includes watching games, familiarizing myself with players, statistics, ownership percentages. I will also be figuring out what strategies to take in DFS, and tailoring it to GPPs, making it similar to what I do with NBA. I am also deciding whether to hire a few friends to help me with the lines, but I like my own work. Sometimes its more about the process then the eye test, but this is why I need this gap, to start working on my eye test as well.

June 5th- MLB Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Season long prices come out.

June 6th- DFS Juiced MLB season begins!

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