Johnny Football Thinking Comeback

Posted on Jan 18 2017 - 1:32pm by Sunshine

Is it really a comeback when you weren’t really there in the first place? One thing is for sure, he was a special player at Texas A&M. Johnny was in the league for the lesser part of 2 years before off the field issues were too much to even keep him in Cleveland. Can you blame the guy though?

Think about it. Johnny Football was already a household name and was more famous than most of us could ever dream of being; that was when he was playing college football, making no money being heavily paid under the table. Plus his dad has big oil money so it’s not like Johnny needed the peanuts rookie contract he was getting from the Browns. The guy loves to party and that’s why people either loved him or hated him, there was no in between. It was part of the persona that made him unique.

To be fair, put yourself in his shoes. He absolutely lit the college football world on fire. Won the Heisman his (redshirt) freshman year in 2012 and declared for the NFL draft after the 2013 season. He was one of the top QB’s in the NCAA and you have to know he was partying at least as hard as when he got to the NFL. The competition got better and he wasn’t prepared. He was 21 and missed out on 2 glory years of college- imagine coming off a 2 year college bender and going to work against genetic freaks of nature trying to rip your head off every play. Not judging his choices either way, but I can understand it. He was living the dream, and not just ironically saying it like the random people you see from your high school during the holiday season.

I’m seriously rooting for Johnny here. The media circus made it tough for him originally, even more so because it was mostly negative and he wasn’t winning. You’re crazy if you think other players aren’t hitting Vegas and strip clubs like Johnny was; they just don’t have the reputation or celebrity factor. He’s on the complete opposite spectrum in the public’s eye as Tim Tebow, but the mass media circus helped derail both careers.

If Johnny is taking this seriously, is working out hard and is staying sober he should get at least a few workouts with teams. He’s still a raw athletic project, but I’d rank him above a fair amount of backups in the league. Good to see he’s turning it around though.

P.S. Absolute escape artist at A&M.

[h/t TMZ Sports]

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