LaMelo Ball Scores 92 points in game

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 12:44pm by Sunshine

Is anyone really impressed with this game? Sure, 92 points is a lot but just look at how he gets there. For the majority of his points LaMelo didn’t even get back across half court to play any defense. Chino Hills was clearly the better team and were able to play most of the game 4 v. 5 on the defensive end while Ball was cherry picking waiting for a layup. The kid is obviously talented, but that wasn’t good basketball we just witnessed (or anything close to it).


I was more impressed with #0 and #21’s outlet passes and alley-oop finishes than I was with the worst 92 point game of all time. Those guys were running the floor, getting boards, and slinging 40 foot dimes so LaMelo could wait for easy lay ups. It was clearly in the game plan to try to make this a high scoring game so Ball could score as much as he did. A high school basketball game should not end 146-123. When your team wins by 23 playing 4 on 5 the whole night, it’s a sign the game shouldn’t have been close.

Watching the highlight tape I was thinking “what coach allows their 5-star recruit sophomore to just cherry pick and play no defense?” Found out the coach is Ball’s father so that makes sense now. Simply coaching because he has 3 sons who are all incredibly talented, but doesn’t know how to help them succeed at the next level. The first son, Lonzo, is about to be a top 5 pick in the 2017 NBA draft, my guess is he didn’t have games where he cherry picked for 50+ of his points. If I’m a scout, the lack of defense and hustle is a huge red flag. You want to see the most talented players working the hardest.

The worst part about this game was the opposing team and coach not realizing how easy this should have been to stop. Just intercept a few of those long passes or at least have someone run back on D right away. All I know is if some kid is cherry picking like we’re out on the playground and keeps doing it he’s getting a hard foul 100 times out of 100. No excuse why that bush league basketball was allowed to continue with no consequences. Make him earn the points instead of letting him go 30-39 from 2 point range.

How about the opposing coach being soft as puppy shit too?

NY Daily News – Los Osos head coachDave Smith called the performance “a joke,” and accused the other Chino Hills players of fouling on purpose in order to get LaMelo more shots. “That’s wrong,” Smith said. “It goes against everything (the California Interscholastic Federation) stands for. The Ball boys are very talented and great players, but it’s embarrassing to high school athletics.”

Maybe try drawing up a game plan to not let one player have a walk in layup every possession. Or make some free throws and play minimal defense to hold Ball to 50 or 60 points and you win the game easy.

Not surprised the kid who did this cherry picked his way to 92 points…..

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