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Pats have a pretty tough schedule this year facing the NFC West and AFC North. Add that to the fact that the AFC East continues to look better each year, at least on paper. This will be a breakdown of the first 4 games only, now that Brady is suspended. The rest will just be win or lose (or a toss up with a short explanation. Week 1- at Arizona (Loss) Opening up at Arizona on Sunday Night Football would be a nightmare for most teams. Add in the fact that Brady is suspended and this is likely a loss for the Patriots. I would have pictured this as a close game with Tom...Continue reading »

Today my league determined what priority each owner has in choosing their draft position. Unfortunately, ended up not doing an auction so I’m stuck with a snake format and priority #8. Really no idea where I will end up picking at this point, but if the 5th or 6th spot isn’t open I will certainly be hoping for the 10th. Now for players I will not be drafting in the first round- I will do it based off of 12 teams as that is my usual league size, the league mentioned here is the exception. ADP rankings are based off of Todd Gurley- ADP 4; RB2 Gurley...Continue reading »