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( Before Thanksgiving, Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod decided to pick an NFL team that needed to win out to make the playoffs. They placed an initial $300 bet on this team, and the plan was to roll the winnings into another bet every week until it won the Super Bowl. They chose the Green Bay Packers. That $300 initial bet is now at $28,213.60 after the Packers beat the Cowboys this past weekend. So, after nearly 100x profit over 10 weeks these guys had to have cashed out or at least kept some decent profit right? Nope, they put the entire amount on the Packers...Continue reading »

People were making a big deal of what was said in this video. Mike Tomlin referred to the Patriots as “those assholes.” This is a rivalry and he was trying to keep his team pumped up after a big win, when they have a short week to prepare. I don’t see anything wrong with what he said, nor do I think this is “bulletin board” material for the Patriots. Without a doubt they have been called much worse. Brady and Belichick joked at the topic during today’s press conference. If an opposing coach calling your team “assholes”...Continue reading »

What a weekend of football. Sadly, there are only 3 games remaining in the NFL season. That’s only 2 more days of football until September (pre-season isn’t real football). We finally saw a road team (2) win in the playoffs this year; it was bound to happen eventually. With the divisional round wrapped up we are now down to the final 4 teams. Next Sunday the Falcons host the Packers and the Patriots host the Steelers. Two marque matchups to lead up to the Super Bowl. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Falcons 36 – Seahawks 20 This game had the looks...Continue reading »

@TheoryNBA breaks down today’s early slate: Alright so let me start off by saying it is a huge relief, yet at the same time such a tough blow to not get the finals rematch on the slate. It’s such a relief because picking through that huge web of talent and having to fade a Durant, Curry, or LeBron would be….challenging. But, not being able to have as much investment in the finals rematch sucks a little too. Regardless, this is actually a solid slate and it has a good balance of clear cut value and studs with good matchups. We’re on a roll the last...Continue reading »

Tom Brady has the easiest route… put his ass in our division and see what he does!!! #salty!! — Earl Thomas (@Earl_Thomas) January 15, 2017 Listen, I have nothing but respect for Earl Thomas. He’s one of the best safeties in the league and one of the only members of the Seahawks defense I like. But, get outta here with that nonsense. Do the Patriots have an easier route than any team in the NFC to reach the Super Bowl? Absolutely. Do they have an easier route than any other AFC team? Well, yes because they don’t have to play the Patriots. When you...Continue reading »

Truly a spot on analogy there. Really have to give the Texans’ fan who thought of this some props. Comparing the greatest postseason quarterback of all time to Apocalypse, the super-villain in the most recent X-Men film is pure gold. Sure this is listed as a “hype video” and most people are thinking of it that way- most actually see it as more of a hype video for Pats fans. My question though, is it really a Texans hype video? Seems to me more like an excuse/reason for losing this game. Texans fans are just happy to be in the playoffs, now they’re...Continue reading »

On such a small slate with the salaries as crazy as they are, it’s much tougher to create a “safe” lineup that you feel sure of for cash games. There is so much variance in these 4 game slates, which makes me take the GPP route and bet lighter overall. Usually I play a lineup that I feel works for both cash games and GPP play; this week I’ll be looking to throw caution to the wind and do my best to win, okay come as close as possible to winning, okay fine hopefully just not crash and burn with a score below 100. In order to win a GPP on these small...Continue reading »

The Patriots and Texans are set to square off in the Divisional round of the AFC Playoffs. Everyone knows what happened when these two teams met earlier in the season. The Patriots put an absolute whooping on the Texans and their $72 million quarterback. That was also Jacoby Brissett starting that game and he tore a ligament in his thumb about half way through. Now Brady isn’t going to rip off a 27 yard TD run with his blazing speed like Brissett did to open the scoring, but the upgrade is there in every other facet of the QB position.   Tom Brady was tooooo...Continue reading »

@TheoryNBA breaks down tonights 9 game slate: On a 9 game slate with various elite options with not so elite matchups, this article will provide tools to help determine who to take. Hornets @ Sixers (CHA -5) O/U 209.5 Players to consider: Kemba $8300- Kemba has been playing very well as of late. Aside from the one outlier in San Antonio, one of the toughest places to play, he has been a beast. Without Lamb on the court Kemba will absorb a few of his minutes and shots. However, his price is creeping up and with Batum coming back from injury, his usage drops, and Kemba...Continue reading »

Unfortunately the NFL regular season has come to an end. Luckily there is still playoff DFS for NFL. However, I am not very excited about the slate for Wildcard weekend. I’m thinking it will be a very light week and I’ll be sticking to tournaments. If you haven’t tried to put a lineup together yet, let me tell you it is brutal. There are only 4 games on tap this weekend, so here are my favorite plays that I’ll be building my lineup around. Good luck this weekend. QB Matthew Stafford $5,700 Stafford will probably be the lowest owned of the 6 playable...Continue reading »