Pat McAfee Called out by PTI

Posted on Feb 2 2017 - 7:23pm by Sunshine

First things first. It’s crazy that people still don’t know what Barstool is right? They have been big for a while, but have really exploded as of late (especially this past week). Is it an inside joke in the NFL and mainstream media to pretend these guys don’t exist? Banaland (shoutout to El Pres).

PTI’s discussion about McAfee though, completely agree. Personally, I’d love to work for Barstool- sent in a sample and everything. Was just before the move into the new office and they were bringing back Jerry, so the “Pats guy” role was filled. Barstool seems like an awesome place to work at and most of the guys are hilarious/could see them being people I’d want to grab a beer with even after being in the same office for however many hours a week. No doubt they’re doing big things, but McAfee was in the NFL.

Think about that…. Pat McAfee made $2.75 million last year. He’s made over $15 million in his career, so if he’s saved well it might not be a big deal. For me if I’m making that kind of money kicking the ball 5-10 times a game, I’m doing it till my leg falls off. Maybe your perspective changes when you see that many zeros in a check- would love to have that feeling. My guess is he’s been contemplating retirement for some time and this was the perfect way to announce it. Easily could have done both (I think). It’s not like having him blog part time would be a negative for Barstool.

Hats off to McAfee though for knowing what he wants to do and following through with his dream. It’s a big step and a risk to change careers for most, he’s doing it with a significant drop in pay. Can’t blame the guy for doing what he loves. Plus it’s not like he couldn’t make a comeback if he wanted to. McAfee is one of the more famous punters in the league, he’s also one of the better ones. Surprise retirement? Yes. Surprised he made the choice? Somewhat.

He’s a character on the field, so I’m guessing his content will be pretty funny. I guess we can only watch Marquette King for punter entertainment now.

P.S. How does his leg not break on that first punt?

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