Patriots left full white board in locker room

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 5:29pm by Sunshine

  1. Start Fast & Do Your Job Well
  2. Stop The Run
  3. Go After #2 -> Attack The Spot
  4. Eliminate #11 & No Big Plays
  5. Win Turnover Battle = Win Game
  6. Tackling Is The Game
  7. Situational Football
  8. Play Smart & Aware
  9. Most Physical Team!
  10. “It’s All About Us!!!”

Apparently the Patriots forgot to clean their locker room white boards after the Super Bowl. Seems like the least Patriot thing to do. You’ve gotta clean up after yourself; can’t go leaving the full defensive game plan up for anyone to go see it. Yeah, they just won the Super Bowl, but they’ve been there before some one should have been handling this.

Imagine the scandal if this was the Falcons game plan instead of the Patriots. Patriots haters would be saying things like, “they must have gotten into the locker room in the 3rd quarter and figured everything out.” If any other team left this out, the Patriots would be blamed for using it to their advantage. I’d like to think Belichick is just giving every other team the finger with this one. Here’s what we did on defense to stop the Falcons, you’re welcome, try and beat me with it.

Don’t think this will be a big deal in the long run. There isn’t much information opposing teams wouldn’t be able to obtain by watching film, just more detailed and specific. Plus Belichick and the Patriots have a different game plan for each opponent and I wouldn’t be surprised if that game plan is drastically altered every time they face that same opponent. The Patriots change things up and adapt better than anyone, that’s part of what makes them the best in the business. Such a typical list of Musts for any locker room. That’s the secret to success. Generic lists, every other coach in the NFL better be taking notes.

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