Patriots are Super Bowl Champions

Posted on Feb 6 2017 - 12:51am by Sunshine

Holy Shit! I can’t believe that game. What an unbelievable comeback. Probably the craziest game of all time. It’s easily the greatest game in Patriots history. SB51 comeback >>>>> 24 point comeback against Denver. Holy Shit!!!

As terrible as the Patriots looked in the first half, there was never a doubt in my mind that a comeback was possible. You just can’t count out Brady and the Pats. Even down 28-3 in the 3rd quarter; they just needed a score and some momentum. I predicted 34-21, so I was just a little off, never in doubt. I actually left the Super Bowl party I was at because I couldn’t keep watching with non-die hard fans of the NFL; they were all also Pats fans, but hey at least there wasn’t the token Jets fan there hoping on the Falcon’s bandwagon.

The Patriots continued their terrible play in the 1st quarter of Super Bowls, as they were held scoreless yet again. At this point though, the Falcons also hadn’t scored so everyone was still feeling good. Then Atlanta got going. Early in the 2nd quarter the Falcon’s stripped Blount and recovered the fumble as the Patriots were driving. This was a major momentum shift. On the ensuing drive, they marched down the field for 71 yards on 5 plays, capped off by a Devonta Freeman 5 yard run. A 3 and out by the Pats was followed by a 5 play 62 yard TD drive. 14-0 Falcons.

Then the unthinkable happened….


So many people thought this was probably the dagger. That high powered Falcons offense with a 21 -0 lead, getting the ball back at halftime and the defense playing extremely well. At least Brady was able to drive down to get a field goal just before the half. That was a big 3 points just to keep the hope alive. If you followed me on twitter and bet on the game, you’d have won some money.


The teams traded punts to start the 2nd half, then Atlanta found the end zone again to go up 28-3. Almost half way through the 3rd quarter, down 25 points and the offense couldn’t get everything going. Everyone seemed to write the Pats off here- the Falcons’ owner even came down to the sideline shortly after this.

That’s when the magic began. The Pats drove down the field and James White found the end zone for his first TD of the night, little did we know he was just getting started. Of course Gostkowski missed the XP, can’t make it too easy. 3 and out for the Falcons. Pats get a field goal. Life. Hightower strip sack of Matt Ryan, Pats ball just under 9 minutes left down 16. Momentum.


At this point all I was thinking was, just score quick and get the 2 point conversion. Plenty of time left for a miracle. 5 plays later, Amendola is falling into the end zone. James White takes a direct snap on the 2 point conversion and converts it. Haven’t seen that play for a while. White looking a lot like Shane Vereen.

Pats down 8, just need a stop for a chance and Julio Jones makes the catch of the year. How did he get his feet in?


That catch set the Falcons up on the 22 yard line. A field goal would have sealed the win for them most likely based on time left. Inexplicably, the Falcons called a pass on 2nd and 11; Matt Ryan took a 12 yard sack. That put them on the edge of field goal range. A holding call on 3rd down moved them back further and they were forced to punt. Teams seem unwilling to run the ball against the Pats when the Super Bowl is on the line.

Brady took over at the 9 yard line. 91 yards and a 2 point conversion was all that stood between the Pats and a tie game. They had 3:30 on the clock. Brady began his march. Then, the play of the game happened. Edelman somehow came up with this catch; the Falcons challenging made it an even bigger play, as the lost challenge resulted in their last time out and an extra play before the 2 minute warning.

After all the famous catches the Patriots have had to suffer through. The Helmet Catch. Jemaine Kearse catching the bobble. Eli threading the needle. Somehow that ball doesn’t hit the ground around 3 Falcons. What concentration. So clutch. If you didn’t think the Pats were tying the game after that you’re crazy. Matty Ice had a chance for a final drive with a minute left, but ran out of time. First overtime in Super Bowl history…… in a game that featured a 25 point lead.

The Pats won the toss. Did you really think they weren’t going to drive down for a touchdown? All that momentum and the Falcons defense dead tired. The Patriots ran 93 plays to the Falcons 46. 93-46! That is unreal. It was only fitting that James White was the one to score the game winning touchdown after the game he had. The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history was complete. Brady and Belichick get #5. Deflategate is officially over. We can all be thankful for that.

James White

White would have been my pick for MVP. Everyone knew Brady was going to win it though. White not only scored 3 of the 4 Patriots touchdowns, but he also hauled in a Super Bowl record 14 receptions for a running back. Add that to 110 yards receiving and 29 on the ground, plus a 2 point conversion, the Pats aren’t in this game without White. White’s massive second half was even more MVP like because the rest of the Patriots backfield couldn’t get anything going. Blount did more harm than good with his fumble and Lewis didn’t do much with his limited touches (almost half his yards came on a trick play to end the 4th on which he got hurt). It was White who stepped up, the 3rd back in the 3 headed monster that is the Patriots backfield. He’s just not a household name and it wasn’t his 5th ring.

Tom Brady

Of course Brady was given the MVP, just one more way to stick it to Goodell. A Super Bowl record 466 passing yards and orchestrating a 25 point comeback. Playoff teams in the history of the NFL up 18+ points in the 3rd quarter are now 93-1. Tom Brady is the reason that 1 now exists. He didn’t look good early on. I figured he would come out firing because Matt Ryan won the MVP over him. I know he says he doesn’t care about personal awards, but as a competitor you always want to win. It definitely had more of an affect on him (or should have) that the opposing QB in the Super Bowl won that award. Tom Brady is the GOAT and he proved it with his 4th quarter and OT. Good thing its not how you start, but how you finish.

Can’t wait for the parade.

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