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( Massachusetts state police arrested a Boston man early Sunday morning after he improperly activated the fire alarm at the Steelers’ team hotel....Continue reading »

The Patriots and Texans are set to square off in the Divisional round of the AFC Playoffs. Everyone knows what happened when these two teams met earlier...Continue reading »

The Jets are coming to Foxborough with nothing to play for. The Patriots can clinch home field if they win out (or if they win tomorrow and the Raiders...Continue reading »

It wasn’t a pretty game, but the Pats took care of business in Denver. Honestly, I was expecting more points in this one. Not going to complain about...Continue reading »

Okay it’s not a must win like you think about for the majority of teams. But this is the Pats we’re talking about, usually must win games don’t...Continue reading »

Good to get those mistakes out now against bad teams. Yes, after watching that game the Ravens are a bad team. Not a contender in any sense of the word....Continue reading »

Patriots Ravens, a battle of the 2 top defense in points allowed. This should be a great Monday Night Football game. I haven’t been able to watch...Continue reading »

Patriots 26 – Rams 10 Do you think Jeff Fisher knows the names of the Patriots running backs now? All they did on the first drive was combine for...Continue reading »

No one is really worried about how the Pats played last week or that Gronk is now done for at least 8 weeks. Why? Because the Patriots take on the Rams...Continue reading »

Tough game to watch. Was far from a pretty victory, but getting the W is what matters in the end. This is the exact reason you can’t overlook the...Continue reading »