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Holy Shit! I can’t believe that game. What an unbelievable comeback. Probably the craziest game of all time. It’s easily the greatest game...Continue reading »

Everyone seems to be talking about how the Falcons offense is so high powered and can’t be stopped. Don’t forget the Patriots had the #1 defense...Continue reading »

PTI hatin’ on Pat McAfee and @barstoolsports #BarstoolRundown #HollaIfYaHydrate — Heavens! (@HeavensHawkeye) February...Continue reading »

Both these offenses put up monster numbers on their way to blowout victories. However, both defenses also effectively shut down 2 of the top offensive...Continue reading »

Is it really a comeback when you weren’t really there in the first place? One thing is for sure, he was a special player at Texas A&M. Johnny...Continue reading »

People were making a big deal of what was said in this video. Mike Tomlin referred to the Patriots as “those assholes.” This is a rivalry...Continue reading »

What a weekend of football. Sadly, there are only 3 games remaining in the NFL season. That’s only 2 more days of football until September (pre-season...Continue reading »

Tom Brady has the easiest route… put his ass in our division and see what he does!!! #salty!! — Earl Thomas (@Earl_Thomas) January 15, 2017 Listen,...Continue reading »

Truly a spot on analogy there. Really have to give the Texans’ fan who thought of this some props. Comparing the greatest postseason quarterback...Continue reading »